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Millionaires Club

Aligning your funds to your objectives

If you have more complex needs or are getting close to or above £1m in assets (excluding your main residence), then our Millionaires Club subscription is likely to be most suitable for you. This subscription covers everything in the Retirement Planners subscription as well as support around things like Inheritance tax planning and Lifetime Allowances. I’ve put more information below including pricing.

I work with individuals and families to set up a financial plan that will make sure they are going in the right direction. The plans I create are based on enjoying and maximising existing assets to get the lifestyle you want. Some of my clients want to retire early, some never want to retire. Whatever approach you want to take, it is always tailored to you in your Financial Master Plan. Your Financial Master Plan, is a living document that aims to give you clarity on where you are now and the actions required to meet your objectives. It also takes care of the boring but essential stuff such as Income Protection.

What do I get?

In this section, I will talk about the different features you get as a subscriber to Millionaires Club. I think it is important to note here, that this is all included in the monthly subscription costs.

I do not have any hidden fees for my advice.

If you already have any money invested (Pensions, ISA’s etc) you’ll be paying annual fees to these providers. Unfortunately, I can’t magic these away, albeit I will try to reduce them for you by looking at getting you better deals and more suitable products.

Millionaire level service, not Millionaire cost

My Millionaires club subscription is the ultimate subscription. However, it doesn’t have a huge cost. Because I charge clients based on the advice I provide, rather than the amount invested, in most circumstances I provide better value than other IFAs.

In addition to the Retirement Planners subscription, the key features of the Millionaire’s club subscription are:

  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning
  • Lifetime Allowance Planning
  • Financial Planning for your adult children

When we first meet, it is very much Day Zero of what I hope will be a long term relationship. Over the initial period, I seek first to understand and then to agree with you, a plan that you not only support but are enthusiastic about. This will culminate with the creation of your Financial Master Plan.

Each year, you will have Annual Planning Meeting with myself to understand your current situation and look forward to the future. In this meeting, we will make any tweaks and adjustments required to make sure you stay on the right path for you.

You may have enough for now, even the next 10 years. But do you have enough money to pay your utility bills when you are 83? Each year, I will complete a unique personalised Cashflow Forecast so that you have a true picture for the rest of your life, because at 83 you can’t go back to work.

For the Millionaires club subscription, we also look at the legacies you may want to leave after you pass and how to do this in a tax efficient manner.

In the past, people might have had one, maybe two pensions. These days, many of my clients have accumulated a number of different pensions. Sometimes it can be beneficial to keep them separate, other times it is beneficial to consolidate. Whatever the situation with your pensions, I help you find and understand your existing pensions, and only if required, Consolidate your Existing Pensions*.

Your goals and objectives, your beliefs, your time horizons and your ability & willingness to tolerate risk means that your investment needs are individual to you. I will use proven methods to understand these needs and construct your Bespoke Investment Portfolio.

As you can see from the rest of my website, I am very keen on Financial Wellbeing, therefore at the start and at regular intervals, I ensure you understand your Financial Health and any Protection Gaps.

Pensions and Investments, are far too complex than they need to be. This can be overwhelming. I work with you to simplify your plan, as a plan you can understand is more likely to work.

As well as our Annual Planning Meeting, I know it is important as your adviser, to be there for you when you need me. That is why, I offer Unlimited Phone and Email Access to myself for my clients. This means that if you have a question at any point and want a second opinion on something, you get in touch. It gives you peace of mind.

No-one has the solution to everything so we will work with other parts of your Power Team (Accountants, Solicitors, Family Members) to get the answers you need.

They say a problem shared, is a problem halved, but we also know that two people will have twice the paperwork! However, whatever your domestic arrangements, I don’t charge extra to include a partner in the planning process. As an additional bonus for the Millionaires Club, I also provide separate Financial Planning for your adult children. This helps them benefit from the experience of a Financial Adviser earlier in life.


The Millionaires Club subscription is £239 per month (no VAT applicable).

You can choose to pay this fee personally or we can (in most cases) facilitate this from your existing pensions / investments. When you first join you agree to a 12 month contract. After 12 months, you cancel at any time.

Please use the booking system below to book an appointment with me. Alternatively, you can call me on 024 75 264 392.