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Protecting your Business

Plan with Neil offers business protection products from the whole of the market to protect you and your business in the future, if bad things happen. This can include your key people’s ability to work or losing a life. Protecting these things, can ensure a business is sustainable, protecting shareholders and other employees.

Plan with Neil completes a full analysis of the protection market to assess which product(s) are right for your business. We look at the features that are important to you and give you a range of options to match your budget.

Protection products include:

  • Relevant Life Insurance
  • Key Person Cover
  • Executive and Key Person Income Protection
  • Share Protection
  • Business Loan Protection

There is no up-front fee for assessing your needs and we will review your existing policies too. We work closely with your accountants to ensure products meet your requirements and are taxed correctly.

If we arrange a policy on your behalf, we receive commission from the insurance company. This will be disclosed to you.

Next steps

If you would like to understand your position better and what products are available, please use the link below to book a free no obligations appointment.