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Your Money and Divorce

    with David Kite

    Welcome to the latest series of informative articles here at Plan with Neil.
    In this edition, we talk to experts in different fields including Will Writing, Divorce,
    and the event of Death, allowing you to dig deeper in to your own personal
    objectives regarding your finances. This will allow you to plan well for the future
    and guide you through these important financial decisions, along with a good
    amount of resources – so you can start financial planning today.

    Recently, we had an informative discussion with Divorce Consultant, David Kite.
    Based in Warwickshire, United Kingdom, David has thirty-five years’ experience in
    the Financial Services sector. When David went through the process of divorce
    himself in 2020, his eyes opened to the challenges that go hand in hand with such a
    life change. He began to recognise the ways in which he could prevent stress, save
    time and money for individuals going through the same process after learning from
    his own experiences.

    In January 2021, David began consulting clients planning a divorce, setting out
    objectives for the outcome and offering clearer direction for the process.
    Divorce is a life changing transition and you may not know where to start once
    having come to this important decision.

    With David’s key objective being getting ‘the Divorce you Deserve’, we began with asking him

    What are the key issues you think people should think about when considering their Money and their Divorce?

    When deciding to divorce, David explains how an initial response is to source and
    visit a solicitor.
    “One of the pitfalls and mistakes that people make is that they go to a solicitor too
    soon. Effectively, what solicitors are good at doing is legalising contracts. However,
    they can overlook the emotional and financial aspects that a divorce implicates.
    Solicitors don’t really understand numbers and finance as well as they do the legal

    This is where David’s services and the journey with the Divorce Consultant
    effectively begins – by looking at the larger key areas when embarking on the
    process. After an initial consultation and upon becoming a client, David’s
    fees are seventy five pounds per hour, a third of the average hourly cost of a

    “The nature of what I do and the pack I put together has significant value and
    ultimately reduces costs. It reduces the friction and narrows the focus. Essentially a
    client will have a better understanding of the financial route and their objectives
    regarding their divorce”

    Another key part of David’s role is to work within a wider
    sphere of trusted professionals. David can refer his clients to the right person,
    aligning with their personal circumstance. These professionals include relationship
    counsellors, financial advisors such as Plan with Neil, mortgage brokers and
    solicitors. Once David has assessed your personal journey, these other professions
    can support an individual at different parts of their divorce journey.

    “Professionals in such areas will usually offer a free consultation, or they may say let
    us wait on the solicitor’s advice before we get involved in the couples divorce
    process. If an individual is not mentally strong enough or prepared to go through the
    divorce process, then that person will be referred a counsellor to give them the
    strength to deal with the pre divorce. It is teamwork and collaborating with other
    professions to get the best divorce possible.”

    David then further discusses the importance of understanding your financial
    circumstances when starting a divorce. He offers what he suggests is a financial
    reality check, the key question being:

    If you get a divorce, have you thought what your financial life could look like at the end of that?

    As a Divorce Consultant, David explores this due to the vast financial change your
    divorce could bring. Maybe holidays or luxuries as a couple are now not financially
    viable. Living arrangements will ensue; therefore, decisions on mortgages will
    change your financial landscape. David assesses your financial situation, as well as
    what your objectives are. Other financial challenges include assets, pensions, savings
    and insurance.

    With so much to consider financially, we then asked David-

    What kinds of issues should a person preparing for a divorce avoid?

    David suggests two key areas to avoid.

    The first is do not attempt to avoid mediation with the partner. Although there may be challenges, if there is a possibility for discussion and mediation before you enter the divorce then that can only benefit you and create a smoother divorce process.

    “If possible, try to engage with the other party. Have someone support your
    mediation. The packs that I do are for the one party. The other party will have their
    own solicitors and process. However, if they are talking to their wife or husband to
    some degree of some meaningful conversation, that information can fill some of the
    blanks and decisions can be made sooner”.

    David suggests the second aspect is to make sure you declare all your assets and
    resist the temptation of not forwarding to legal courts the full financial situation.
    David explains that this is an illegal act – it would not work in the favour for that
    individual in a court of law.

    Key Takeaways

    Your key takeaways regarding your Money and Divorce are:

    At the beginning of divorce, it is very common to assume the first step is to
    visit a solicitor. However, it is important to assess and understand it in the
    frame of the emotional, financial and legal aspects and to plan for these. By
    doing so you can save time, money and create a smoother divorce in the long
    haul. A Divorce Consultant such as David can help explore this and can advise
    on the right plan to get you the ‘Divorce you Deserve’.

    A key question to ask yourself when getting a divorce is
    Have you thought what your financial life could look like at the end of it?
    Consider the financial situation after the divorce and have a financial reality
    check. Where do you live and realistically what will your lifestyle look like?
    What means of living can you afford? Going into a divorce knowing this will
    save you time, money, stress and help you plan a better divorce process.
     Although possibly challenging, attempt to mediate your divorce with the
    other party. The more you can achieve results together the smoother your
    divorce can run. In addition, declare all assets in the divorce proceedings
    clearly to avoid legal issues. It would very much hinder your divorce outcome
    in a court of law if you did not.

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